Shot Fired As Felon Rams Cars In Attempt To Escape Officers

February 27, 2019

Police Blotter

Editor’s Update 11:00 AM: Here are more details provided by Jeremy S Barclay Engagement & Outreach Director with the Washington State Department of Corrections.


Devon L. Sites, Department of Corrections photo.

As part of a joint law enforcement operation with the Everett Police Department Anti-Crime & Gang Unit, a Washington Department of Corrections’ Community Response Unit (CRU) officer, Scott Lee, discharged his weapon at approximately 10:00 pm on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. No suspects or law enforcement officials were injured in the incident.

· Officer Lee was investigating a community-supervised individual with an active warrant issued by the Department of Corrections. The individual, Devon Lee Sites (334820), 28 years of age, had an active warrant for failure to report to his assigned community corrections on February 20, and is currently serving a 18-month community custody sentence for robbery 2. Officers located Sites, who attempted to flee the scene. During his fleeing, Sites attempted to ram the officer’s vehicle. After the single fired shot, Sites was subsequently arrested by law enforcement and booked into jail.

· There are 30 CRU specialists in the department. CRU officers are responsible for tracking down hard-to-find violent individuals serving a community sentence before the individuals can cause harm. The unit is part of the larger Community Corrections Division, which has more than 650 officers statewide, supervising approximately 20,000 individuals and collaborates frequently with law enforcement task forces in the community.

· The CRU officer who discharged his weapon will be placed on administrative leave, pending investigation. The department has also provided trained peer support to Officer Lee.

· The attached is a 2018 photo of Mr. Sites.

shot fired

Police vehicles lined 75th street.

shot fired

The suspect was reportedly ramming vehicles in the parking lot in an attempt to escape from police.

A Department of Corrections officer fired at least one shot last night as he and officers from the Everett Police Department were trying to apprehend a wanted felon in the parking lot of an apartment building in the 700 block of 75th Street SE.

No officers were injured and the suspect was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett to be checked out before being turned back over to corrections officials. The incident happened about 10 PM.

Major Crimes Detectives from Everett Police were called out to investigate the circumstances of the firing of the weapon by the DOC officer. We’ll post further details as they become available.


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