Everett Police Officer Loses Wallet At Work, Becomes Identity Theft Victim

February 22, 2019

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ID Theft

ID theft can happen to anyone. Do you know how to quickly react to a missing wallet?

From the it can happen to anyone file…Here’s the story posted by Everett Police on their Facebook page regarding an Everett Police Officer on the night shift who lost his wallet while on a call and within hours became an identity theft victim:

Officers can be ID theft victims too…

While responding to an assault call in south Everett two nights ago, an officer’s wallet fell out of his pocket and was left in an apartment. Realizing the loss, officers returned the next day but were handed an empty wallet with cash, driver’s license, and bank cards missing. While investigating, a 38 year-old woman took officers to a nearby location where she reportedly saw a female throw the license and cards into the woods. Despite the vague location and wooded area, officers found the items.

Unfortunately, the saga wasn’t over. Several hours later, the officer discovered his bank cards had been used at several Everett businesses before they were recovered in the woods. Officers reviewed video surveillance and were surprised to see the 38 year-old woman using the cards. Since she had an Everett Municipal Court appearance that afternoon, officers waited for her at the court.

The woman told officers that someone gave her the cards but kept the cash. She confessed to using the cards before throwing them into the woods and giving a false statement. The woman was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on two counts of ID theft, making false statements, and obstructing.

You never know when something might happen – Monitor your credit & be alert!

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