Prolific Fraud And Identity Theft Suspect Held On $140,000.00 Bail

February 20, 2019

Police Blotter

An identity theft victim even got a bill for a positive STD test the suspect paid for with a fraudulent credit card.


The suspect is facing a laundry list of criminal acts.

Saying he had a vast amount of other people’s financial information and noting the tremendous effect on people’s lives when their identity is stolen, Everett District Court Judge Tam T. Bui on Wednesday added $50,000.00 dollars bail to a man called a career criminal by an Everett Police Financial Crimes Detective.

In probable cause paperwork Everett Police allege in January the man bought two cars from an Everett auto dealer using a fraudulent check for $12,550.00. At the dealership the man presented a driver’s license with his picture but another person’s identity. It turns out the check had an account number of a Redmond HVAC company but was not actually one of their checks. Since the cars were bought through a fraud the car dealership reported them as stolen.

In mid January the suspect was wanted by BNSF railroad police for possession of stolen property and theft. He was located by officers and tried to run from Everett Police but was unsuccessful. In a search of his car police found shaved keys, financial documents belonging to several people other than he, counterfeit checks, vehicle prowling tools and at least one stolen license plate. He was booked into the Snohomish County jail but posted bond after a couple of days.

A major fraud investigation was conducted by Everett Police in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies including Marysville Police, Arlington PD, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and police agencies on the east side. In one instance a victim in Kirkland reported to police that the suspect had made purchases at Nordstrom, Home Depot and even went to the Everett Clinic to get an STD test done. The identity theft victim found that out when he got a bill in the mail along with a copy of the positive results.

The suspect was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on January 10th for Theft 2, Possession of Stolen Property and Vehicle Prowling, January 18th for Having Burglary Tools and Possession of Stolen Property and January 22nd for Theft and Domestic Violence. Each time he posted bond and was released.

On January 27th Police searched a room where the suspect was staying and found what a detective called an Identity Theft Lab including items such as fraudulent ID cards, drivers licenses, credit cards, paper, checkbooks and machines used to make fraudulent documents.

On February 18th the suspect was located in Arlington and arrested. He made a court appearance on the Marysville and SCSO crimes on Tuesday with a second appearance in court on the Everett cases Wednesday afternoon. His total bail is now $140,000.00.

The County Prosecutor’s Office has three days to file formal charges or he will be released without bond.


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