City Update On Flat Roof Concerns

February 13, 2019


This in Wednesday from the City of Everett regarding heavy snow loads on flat roofs.


No injuries in this carport collapse on Tuesday.

Everett Fire has had two reported incidents of carport failures due to snow load from the recent storms. The heavy snow creates concern about flat roofs with increased weight from snow.

The City building official states that roofs built to code, under permit, and that have had routine maintenance and upkeep should be able to carry the weight of the snow in current conditions. Current City of Everett code requires roofs to be designed to carry 25 pounds per square foot, which exceeds minimum standards.

Given the current weather conditions, Everett Fire asks that you:

  • Be aware of these conditions and look out for friends and neighbors around you
  • Do not go up on your roof as this will put added weight on the roof
  • Do not use water to wash off the roof as this will also put more weight on the structure
  • Do not use ladders on icy surfaces that can lead to slips and falls

Everett Fire, along with other City departments, continue to monitor the weather and associated risks. Citywide updates can be found at

With regards to the Auto Zone on Evergreen Way Assistant Everett Fire Marshal Steve Goforth tells via email. “The building is red tagged now. Property to south seems to be clear and the collapse does not appear to be threatening other structures. Building Official, engineers, and Fire Marshal’s Office is monitoring the situation closely.”


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