Our Top 5 List Of Snowstorm Preparations For People In Everett

February 7, 2019


5 tips Editor’s note: I’m not a great graphic artist so didn’t put together a fancy display with charts and graphs and such but did want to highlight five things that I consider important in preparing for what many say will be the most significant snow event(s) in the last several years.

In addition to these five items I’ve put together some links for people living in Everett, Washington that cover the City’s emergency plans and snow response.

1). Cash and Gas
In a big snowstorm there may be power outages and that means debit and credit card readers in stores, cash machines and gas pumps may all be unavailable. A full tank of gas and some cash in the wallet may help you get by.

2). A good manual can opener
You went to the store and stocked up on food and probably a bit of canned goods but do you have a good manual can opener?

3). Important numbers written down on paper
Many people don’t know each other’s actual phone number anymore, it’s just one button on your phone. Make sure you have important information written down so if you have to borrow a stranger’s phone to call for help or let people know you are okay you will be able to accomplish that task.

4). Back up prescriptions

Lots of folks get refills right as they’re down to the last few pills. If you’re stuck in the house for an extended period of time you don’t want to run out.

5). Know where your water and power shut offs are at your house
If a pipe breaks or a snow-laden branch crashes through your roof and there are electrical things sparking do you know where your shut offs are? Could you direct a firefighter to them?

Obviously there are more than five things, the list could go on and on. Comfort items for your pets, kids, parents, the phone number for your insurance agent, spare glasses, etc. Here are some links from the professionals in Everett that can help you feel a little more prepared in the event all the warnings they are putting out turn to reality.

Keep 911 lines free for emergencies, please use these numbers:
To report an emergency: Dial 911
To contact police or fire for a non-emergency: 425-407-3999
To report a power outage to Snohomish PUD: 425-783-1001
To report a road condition: Call the 24-hour Dispatch hotline at 425-257-8821
Other numbers:
Everett Parks inclement weather hotline: 425-257-8399

Here are some links you may find interesting:

Everett’s official SNOW and Ice Control Plan

Everett Emergency Management’s Personal Preparedness Page

Snohomish PUD Winter Storm Preparation Tips

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