Hey Everett, Don’t Call 911 To Ask When Your Street Will Be Plowed Or Report Power Out

February 6, 2019

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s Note: To ask about snow plowing issues in Everett call Public Works at (425) 257-8832. To report a power outage call Snohomish PUD at (425) 783-1001.

With the bad weather this week and more snow expected Friday into the weekend I wanted to pass along this reminder posted to Facebook today by Everett Police for those who don’t follow Facebook. (LD)


425-407-3999 is the non emergency number to reach police and fire in Everett, Washington.

Help Leave 911 Lines Open for Emergencies

If you have an emergency with an immediate threat to life or property, always contact 911. But what if you need emergency services personnel when there’s no immediate danger to life or property? To handle this need, Snohomish County 911 introduced 425-407-3999 as the non-emergency number for Snohomish County.

Non-emergencies include:
• Illegal fireworks complaints
• A crime previously occurred – with no suspect information
• A found pet or property item
• Emergency services personnel are needed – but no immediate danger

“We want people to use 911 for urgent threats to life and property,” said Terry Peterson, Deputy Director of Snohomish County 911. “The non-emergency number allows the public to still get the help they need without tying up emergency lines. At the end of the day, it’s the same dispatchers answering this line, but we are in a better position to help when they don’t answer as many 911 calls.”

When calling, keep the following in mind:
• Always know your location and where the incident occurred
• Answer all questions so you get the appropriate response & resources
• Keep answers brief & to the point

Remember, if you have an emergency with an immediate threat to life or property, always call 911.

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