Everett Police Lieutenant Targeted In Latest Warrant Scam

February 5, 2019

Police Blotter

The telephone warrant scammers are targeting people in Everett according this bulletin today from Everett Police.


If someone calls to settle a warrant over the phone, hang up.

Over the past several weeks, local residents have reported to Everett Police that someone posing as an Everett officer called to demand payment to cancel an outstanding warrant. Victims, who didn’t have a warrant, were told to use pre-paid cash cards.

In a twist on the traditional IRS telephone scams, aggressive callers are now claiming to be law enforcement personnel calling to inform victims of an outstanding warrant. The callers are threatening arrest unless the warrant (usually for missing jury duty) is “lifted”, or cancelled, by paying with a pre-paid cash card over the phone. In many cases, to lend credibility to call, the telephone number is spoofed to make it appear to be from a local police department.

“There have been several reports of someone using my name to call victims, demand payment and threaten arrest for outstanding warrants,” says Lieutenant James Duffy. “Law enforcement does not operate this way. We want community members to be aware so they don’t fall for this costly scam.”

The Everett Police Department does not call to demand immediate payment and threaten arrest for outstanding warrants. If this happens to you, the department wants to know. Call the non-emergency police dispatch number at 425-407-3999 so we can respond and take a report. The Everett Municipal Court (425-257-8778) can also check if you have a warrant. In Snohomish County, contact the District Court (425-388-3331) or the Snohomish County Clerk’s Office (425-388-3466).


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