Raw Data Shows Gun And Gang Crime Trending Down In Everett, Washington

January 10, 2019

Police Blotter


Gang related cases, shots fired, juvenile firearm related crime, stolen firearms and crimes against persons are all trending down according to Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman.

“The data is raw and subject to change but these are the best numbers I’ve seen since I’ve been police chief.”
That was the message from Dan Templeman, Everett Police Chief in a presentation to the Public Safety Committee of the Everett City Council Wednesday evening.

Templeman told the committee that gang incidents were down 39.7% in 2018 as compared to 2017. In Everett gang incidents include graffiti while the FBI does not include that in their crime reporting on gangs. Of the 82 gang related cases in 2018 in Everett 40% were graffiti.

When it comes to “Shots Fired” calls Everett has also seen improvement. To qualify as a “Shots Fired” incident an individual must be shot or property damaged due to the intentional discharge of a firearm -or- there must be evidence of a shooting such as shell casings, bullets, bullet fragments or bullet holes. Templeman reported in 2018 there was a 34.6% decrease in “Shots Fired” incidents citywide and within that a 66.7% decrease in drive-by shootings in 2018 as compared to 2017.

In 2017 there were 50 cases involving juveniles and firearms. To qualify the juvenile was classified as either a victim, witness, suspect or other in the situation. In 2018 Templeman says that number was down to 31 cases.

The raw data also shows the number of stolen firearms reported to Everett Police is down with 124 reports in 2018 versus 172 in 2017. A year-over-year reduction of nearly 28%.

Templeman was asked how these numbers compared to County and State statistics but told the council committee he did not have those numbers at this time.

Over the past 12 months Everett Police have restructured several units, began staffing a gang unit that includes an employee from the Snohomish County Boys and Girls Clubs and are offering special programs for families of at-risk youth to reduce the appeal of gangs to local kids.

The police department has also handed out hundreds of free gun locks, the city council has tightened rules on reporting weapons as stolen and increased the penalties for discharging a firearm within the city limits or pointing a gun at another person.

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