Everett ARF Says Goodbye But You Can Still Help Everett Animal Shelter

December 9, 2018



ARF has done amazing work raising funds for animals in Everett, WA.

A sad goodbye from the folks at the Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett who have been helping raise funds for medical care of animals at the Everett Animal Shelter for more than a decade.

For our readers who don’t have a Facebook subscription, here is the message from ARF and a direct link to donating to the Everett Animal Shelter. (Editor’s note, The link to everettshelterfund.org in the below paragraph may not be active at this reading but the link to the shelter will work.)

ARF of Everett was founded 13 years ago to assist in the care of the animals at the Everett Animal Shelter that were in need of advanced veterinary care that could not be afforded at that time due to budgetary constraints placed upon the Shelter. ARF provided a grant to create an in-house veterinary clinic so immediate care to animals abandoned or surrendered to the shelter could be given. Our mission has been the driving force for all that ARF has accomplished as one by one we see these animals thriving in their new forever homes. The Shelter now has a live release rate comparable to a “no kill” shelter and provides state of the art veterinary care for the less fortunate animals who just need a chance and someone to care. We are very proud of the Shelter and their accomplishments and hope you feel the same as you and your support of ARF has made a difference to countless animals.

The Shelter now has an avenue for our donors (supporters) to give directly to the Shelter through their own fund (151 Fund). It does not have a nonprofit 501C3 status, but the funds are restricted specifically for the care of the animals and there are many animals still in need. Please go to www.everettshelterfund.org to see ways you can continue to contribute as you have in the past to the lives of the animals at the Everett Animal Shelter. The ARF organization will dissolve at the end of the year, allowing time for our supporters to establish their support directly to the Everett Animal Shelter. Current funds donated to ARF will be distributed to EAS, as was always the intent, to continue in the care of the animals in need. The ARF Directors and our supporters will now be working with the Shelter directly to continue to raise funds vital for the care of these medically complex animals so we can continue to see these amazing success stories and know each one of us has made a difference in the life of the animals. We applaud ARF, our donors, our supporters, our volunteers and most of all, the Everett Animal Shelter for the compassion, the commitment and the caring of the less fortunate animals in our community.

Please join us on our Facebook page to share your memories, comments and pictures as we bring the year to an end.


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