Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Leave Your Keys In Your Car

November 6, 2018

Police Blotter

Editor’s note: After receiving copies of the paperwork for the arrest of the suspect it appears the father was in fact the one who left the car running in front of the store where it was stolen. We have posted an updated story.

car at 76

The car was taken from this 76 station


An officer looks over the car in the parking lot of Glacier Lanes.

You just can’t do it. That’s the lesson learned this morning when a woman went into the Union 76 station at 5th and Casino Road about 6:45 AM. All it took was a moment and her car was being driven down the street.

Inside the car, a three year old girl, strapped in her car seat.

The woman called 911 and Everett Police swarmed the area.

The car was quickly located in the parking lot of Glacier Lanes about a mile away.

The toddler was in the back seat unharmed. She was reunited with her father who had come to the 76 station and then taken to the car by Everett Police.

A K-9 was called in to search for the person who had taken the car with the child inside. That track continued for more than an hour and patrol units maintained a canvas in the neighborhood.

A patrol officer contacted a suspect shortly after 8:30 AM on Evergreen Way. That person was detained by officers.

While taking photos of the car at Glacier Lanes we talked with an Everett Police Lieutenant who shook his head at the scene and remarked. “There is never a good enough reason to leave your keys in the car, never.”

The person detained by patrol officers was a woman with an extensive criminal history including several felonies. She will make her first court appearance Wednesday after being arrested for auto theft and reckless endangerment.

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