Updates On Judd & Black And Marina Fires Reveal Little Information

October 24, 2018

Everett Fire


Judd & Black dates back to 1940 while the building dates back to 1892. Photo taken September 21, 2018.


Photo credit Everett PD. Photo taken October 8, 2018.

boathouse fire

Smoke is coming out of the boathouse as Everett Firefighters work on the inside. Photo taken August 21, 2018.

Earlier this week MyEverettNews.com checked in with the Everett Fire Department to get any available updates on the fire at Judd and Black on September 21st and the two most recent boathouse fires at the Port of Everett Central Marina.

Here’s the response received today from Kari Goepfert with the City of Everett Communications Staff:

We’ve spoken with fire and updates are as follows:

· The Judd and Black fire is still under investigation and there are no new updates.

· Everett Fire has completed their report on the boathouse fire that occurred on Oct. 8 with an undetermined cause due to the amount of damage and condition of the boathouse causing an inability to get into the area. The investigation of this fire by Everett Police remains open and ongoing.

· The report on the boathouse fire that occurred on Aug. 21 was completed with an undetermined cause.

We’ll keep checking back and report on any new updates.

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