Parking Fines May Double In Everett, Washington

October 11, 2018

Everett Government


Will higher fines deter parking violators?

On Wednesday night the Everett City Council got their first look at a proposed ordinance that would double the fine for many common parking infractions. Here is a look at what is being proposed.

  • Over time limit – Currently $20.00, Proposed $40.00
  • Unauthorized alley parking – Currently $20.00, Proposed $40.00
  • All other violations – (excluding handicapped parking violations) Currently $20.00, Proposed $40.00
  • After Six Tickets in a 12 month period – Currently $50.00, Proposed  $70.00

The City says the new rate schedule brings Everett’s parking fines back in line with other cities in the Puget Sound Region. There is no change to the handicapped parking violation fine, which remains at $250.00 plus an additional assessment of $200.00 per 46.19.050 in the State RCW Code which is consistent with other jurisdictions.

The last time the city adjusted the fines for parking was in 2009. There is a public hearing set for October 24th followed by a vote on the ordinance.

During the comment portion on the issue, Council member Scott Bader renewed his call for an education campaign for employees of downtown businesses to remind them that street parking is for patrons and employees should use the available parking garages or other commuting options.


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