Warrant Suspect Fails To Fool Cops, Ends Up Stuck On Building

October 5, 2018

Police Blotter


Officers below the suspect on the outside of the building.


The man talks to officers about what he plans on doing next.


The man climbs down a ladder to waiting officers

A man who had warrants tried to fool officers from the Department of Corrections and Everett Police when they tried to serve a warrant at a south Everett apartment Friday afternoon.

As corrections officers and Everett Police approached the man’s apartment a person darted out the back door and through back yards and over a fence. Some officers gave chase and that person was taken into custody at gunpoint at 102nd street and 7th Ave SE.

A quick check of that person’s identity showed he was not the suspect wanted by corrections. Back at the apartment the wanted man went to step outside and ducked back in when he realized not all of the officers had given chase.

He blocked his apartment door and tried to go out a window and when he saw officers waiting outside instead of going back in he climbed on a portion of the exterior of the building.

He negotiated with with officers for about 15 minutes until an Everett Fire truck arrived with a ladder. The man climbed down on his own and was taken into custody without any further delays.

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