Paine Field Terminal Designed For Stress Free Airport Experience

September 11, 2018

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The view looking up as crews install wooden ceiling tiles. Photo credit Propeller Airports/Francis Zera. Click photo to enlarge.


CEO Brett Smith insisted on glass jet bridges to allow light to stream in as you walk to or from the plane.


The TSA screening area is almost ready to go. Photo credit: Propeller Airports/Francis Zera.


You’ll be able to valet park right at the terminal entrance.


Goldfinch Brothers, who are celebrating their 125th year in Everett supplied the glass for the terminal project.

“There won’t be a two-hour wait for a one hour flight.” That’s Propeller Airport CEO Brett Smith talking about the experience for people coming to travel out of Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Smith recently gave a tour of the terminal and an update on progress at the airport under construction.

When we were here back in May the glass had yet to be installed. Now there are massive glass windows surrounding the terminal, flooding the public areas with natural light. (By the way the glass for the building was supplied by Goldfinch Brothers in Everett) Even the jet bridges to the planes are glass allowing views of the woods on the west side of the airport with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

“We never forget we are in the hospitality business,” said Smith. “Our staff will be in grey suits and pressed white shirts, our surroundings are first class, the bathrooms are individual, the Wi-Fi is high speed, the food is healthy and quick and the service levels are high touch.”

The airport will likely be used more by the business traveler and frequent flyer than tourists though it easily accommodates both. There are three TSA screening lines, two regular and one pre-check. You can valet park your car, check your bag and be at the gate within ten minutes.

Coming into Everett is just as speedy with only 160 feet from where your plane arrives at the terminal to the exit to the parking lot. A ride-share building is off to the south side of the terminal for quick connections.

Propeller is spending $40 million dollars on the terminal and Smith says he believes the investment will pay off in many ways. “I’m proud of this building,” said Smith. “I want everybody in Everett to be proud of this building.”

As far as the opening date for the terminal that is still up in the air. In May the FAA decided to order a supplemental environmental review after determining the flights proposed by Alaska Air, United and Southwest Airlines were above the passenger levels approved back in 2012.

Right now it looks like a public information workshop and comment session will be held by the FAA on October 29th. No confirmation yet on a time or location.

As far as Smith is concerned Propeller Airports will be ready. “It will be nice to get open as soon as possible,” Smith remarked. “Let’s get those cars off the road.”


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