Wednesday Public Hearing To Focus On Parking And Zoning Citywide In Everett

August 13, 2018

Everett Government


One of those changes is the area where no parking is required for non-residential development. Under current zoning rules, the area zoned B-3 in the map above does not require parking for non-residential development; the proposed ordinance would not require parking for non-residential uses in Parking Area A. As can be seen, the change is a retraction in areas and an expansion in others. Click map to enlarge.

The first two public hearings this month before the Everett City Council focused on changes specifically within the proposed “Metro Everett” boundaries. This Wednesday night the public hearing will consider policies to be implemented all across the City of Everett.

Rules covering off-street parking, loading and access will apply to all areas of the city. There are new incentives for builders to encourage more bicycle and pedestrian travel and discourage single-occupant vehicle trips.

The off-street parking proposal was based on the following guiding principles:

• Promote a pedestrian friendly environment in Metro Everett by reducing automobile trips, particularly with single-occupant vehicles.
• Establish off-street parking requirements based on the minimum needed, not the desired average or maximum based on non-metro (i.e. suburban) standards.
• Develop off-street parking requirements which respond to shifting markets (age and travel patterns), unique populations (low-income, seniors) and proximity to high frequency transit (3-4 trips per hour).
• Reserve the most convenient parking spaces to support customer, client, vendor and visitor access to downtown.
• Improve the economics and competitiveness for development in Everett based on realistic urban parking standards.

The city is also streamlining the number of zones to simplify the process of building in Everett. That said it is still a very complex process. To get a better understanding, here is a memo from the City of Everett containing links to specific portions of the new rules. Reading this and following the links can give you a better understanding of all that is being asked of the Everett City Council.

Hearings continue with focus on off-street parking and zoning changes

The Everett City Council will have their third preliminary hearing this coming Wednesday, August 15th, on Metro Everett and off-street parking changes applicable city-wide. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

At this next hearing, the focus will be on the proposed off-street parking changes that would be applicable city-wide. A memo on what has guided those changes was provided to the city council and can be read here. The proposed off-street parking ordinance can be found at this link, as well as a corresponding ordinance that cleans up other parts of city code due to the reorganization of the off-street parking, loading and access standards.

The City Council will also be briefed on two requests from property owners to change the proposed zoning and building heights on their property. The memo that addresses those issues and options for the Council to consider can be read here.

After the preliminary hearing, the City Council will be asked to provide direction for amendments to the ordinances that will be considered at the final public hearing, scheduled for August 29th. The package of any amendments will be provided to the public for their review and comment prior to that final hearing.

The package of ordinances before the City Council is available on the project website at If you wish to provide written comments, please send them to 2930 Wetmore Ave, Suite 8-A, Everett, WA 98201 or email them to

Again, this public hearing will happen during the Everett City Council meeting Wednesday night, August 15th at 6:30 PM in the city council chambers at 3002 Wetmore Avenue in downtown Everett.


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