Everett Park Rangers Rescue Woman On Jetty Island

August 10, 2018

Everett, Everett Government


While it can be tempting to venture out during these extreme low tides people walking on Jetty Island should be aware it can be dangerous and the buddy system is recommended.

A shout-out for a job well done yesterday by Everett Park Rangers and the staff on Jetty Island. Around 2:00 PM a woman called 911 to report she was on the west side of the Jetty near the lagoon. She had been walking while the tide was out and had sunk down to her knees and was stuck.

She reported she was okay but could not free herself and was concerned as the tide was slowly coming back in. Everett Parks Ranger Green was on duty in south Everett and headed for the Jetty alerting staff on the island of the situation. Rangers and staff on the Jetty began to work to locate her.

Green worked through Snohomish County 911 to get a number for the woman and contacted her by phone. He was able to direct staff on the island to her location while also coordinating with a sergeant in the Everett Police Marine Unit in case their services were needed.

A Parks employee on the Jetty was able to get to the woman and helped to free her and escort her to safety on the Island.

Everett Fire Crews also began preparing several units but their services were not needed as the Parks Department had the situation well in hand.

Sometimes we take the Park Rangers for granted or are unhappy when they remind us of the rules but they do a great job and this is just one example of how they’re here to help in sometimes scary situations. Next time you meet an Everett Park Ranger tell them thanks for a job well done.


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