Everett PD Seeks Reckless Endangerment Charge For Father Who Hit Power Lines With Child In Lift

July 27, 2018

Police Blotter

Everett Police are asking that a father be charged with reckless endangerment after taking his five year old child up in a lift without any safety equipment and then striking power lines causing burns to the child. This happened on June 22nd in an alley west of Colby next to the EverPark garage. A citizen who was working nearby took a video of the incident which was turned over to Everett Police. Here is the redacted version of the video provided to MyEverettNews.com after a public records request. The child is blocked and the video does contain foul language.

The father had been doing some work on a church in the 2800 block of Colby and was using the lift to access the roof of the church. He apparently decided to bring his son to work that day. According to the person who took the video the father did not appear to know how to operate the lift and neither he nor the son had harnesses or safety equipment. He described the father as concerned, scared and confused after the incident.

The child was first transported to Providence Regional Medical Center and then to Harborview Hospital in Seattle. He has been released to his mother. The child reportedly suffered burns which are healing but it is not known if there is any long term damage.

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