Drywall Burglars Again Targeting Businesses In Everett

June 13, 2018

Police Blotter

drywall burglar

Burglars busted through the drywall to steal thousands of dollars in property from Country Clock Shop.


It took some tools and time to open up the hole.


A look at the hole from the vacant unit into the clock shop.

There was a string of these a few years ago and now Everett Police are seeing a rise in the number of business burglaries where crooks break through the walls in one business to get to their target next door.

The most recent burglary happened this weekend at the Country Clock Shop in the 4700 block of Evergreen Way.

Sometime early Sunday morning burglars drilled out a lock on a vacant unit next door to Country Clock Shop and then spent considerable time cutting through a wall, removing studs and disabling an alarm. They then took a safe and thousands of dollars in merchandise. They were also able to break open a second safe inside the store.

Fred Kiesel, who has operated Country Clock Shop for 17 years told MyEverettNews.com that they have been burglarized before but this was the most sophisticated burglary he’s seen. “These guys knew what they were doing and had the tools and construction skills to get what they were after,” Kiesel said.

The shop is in the process of trying to determine everything that was taken and is working with their insurance company. “They took things of varying value including antique and heirloom watches as well as other regular watches which we had in for repair,” said Keisel. “We will weather this.”

Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell says detectives are investigating the Country Clock Shop burglary. Snell tells MyEverettNews.com this type of burglary has recently been seen in various areas around the city. Snell says anyone with information is asked to call their tip line at 425-257-8450.

For example if you locate someone who has construction skills and they suddenly have a lot of watches for sale you may want to contact Everett Police.

Snell also said businesses may want to check with their alarm company to see if their system is effective for this type of burglary. He said an insurance review is also a good idea for businesses from time to time to make sure coverage is adequate. Here’s a link to the Everett Police Commercial Burglary Prevention page. The Everett Police Crime Prevention Unit will also come out to meet with business owners regarding security. The number for that unit is 425-257-7497.


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