Candidate Profile For Everett City Council Primary: Liz Vogeli

June 1, 2018


Editor’s Note: It is the practice of to offer candidates for office an introduction to our readers. We accept these from candidates who will appear on the ballots within the Everett City limits. They are published as a public service and in the order received. does not endorse any candidates or issues. The profiles are not written by

The first profile received is from Liz Vogeli. Candidate for Everett City Council Position 4 She is on the ballot for the primary on August 7th. This is a non-partisan office.
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Liz Volegi. Candidate supplied photo

Liz Vogeli is your candidate for Everett City Council, Position 4. She has lived in the Westmont neighborhood for six years and is thankful for the opportunities that Everett provides. Working together, she knows we can accomplish much more.
Liz Vogeli is a grassroots community organizer with experience engaging large groups, small groups and individuals. She excels at facilitating structured learning environments and can create a space where people feel heard and welcome. As a former ombudsman for the U.S. Coast Guard and spouse of a deployed service member, she knows the value of public service.
Liz believes we must do a better job of making our community safe and healthy. Every neighborhood in the city is feeling the effects of rising home prices, rents, and property taxes, which have made housing unaffordable for many. She is also witness to those struggling with mental illness and addiction, who have resorted to living on the streets. She will work with her constituency to strengthen our community by increasing the availability of safe, affordable housing and connecting the vulnerable in our community with support services that will enable them to return to a stable and productive life.
Having been homeless in her youth she knows the value of a safe and warm place to live. Starting the journey of motherhood at an early age she knows the importance of community resources, and when her first husband died she experienced first-hand the necessity of a strong community support system. Now, alongside her husband and their young children she is ready to fight for you.
Live in Everett. Vote for Vogeli.
Everett City Council, Position 4

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