Not Much Response To Everett City Council District Survey

May 19, 2018



The survey is open through May 31st.

As of Friday morning only 241 people have responded to a City of Everett survey on electing council members by district.

In April four public meetings were held advising of how districts may work in Everett. This month the city is asking people to take a survey so interest can be gauged on how a ballot measure might look to let voters in Everett, Washington decide on districts. The city has a dedicated web page about the districting issue and a link to the survey here.

In a completely separate effort, Everett Districts Now is working to gather four thousand signatures to put their vision for districts on the ballot. They want to see five districts set up with one council member elected from each district and the other two council members elected from the city at large. They need to collect the 4000 signatures by the end of July.

Both the Everett City Council and Everett Districts Now are urging voters in the Everett City limits to take the quick survey. The survey runs through May 31st.

There will be an election for a seat on the Everett City Council on the ballot this fall. It is for a one year term and three people have filed for the position. Liz Vogeli, Tyler Rourke and Ethel McNeal. The two with the highest vote totals in the August Primary will advance to the November General Election. Two of the candidates live in south Everett while the third lives just south of 41st street. This is the first city campaign for all three.


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