Albertsons Closed-U.S. Bank Stays On In A Motorhome In The Parking Lot

April 7, 2018



No word on what will be going into the space Albertsons is vacating.


Customers with U.S. Bank will have to make do with this or head to the branch in downtown Everett.

We told you a few weeks ago that the Albertsons at Madison and Evergreen Way was closing and that has now happened.

At the time we did our story people asked about the U.S. Bank branch inside the store.

The branch will be moving to the Safeway at 75th and Evergreen Way but it will take some time to build out so as a temporary solution they have brought in a large motorhome converted to a bank branch and parked it and a porta-potty in the parking lot.

The sign on the door says it opens Monday. FYI there is another full service branch of U.S. Bank in downtown Everett at the corner of Hewitt and Wetmore.


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