Everett Planners Recommend More Marijuana Stores, Reject Restictions

April 3, 2018

Everett Government

Everett retail Marijuana

Everett Planning Commissioners have agreed with the State that Everett should have 10 retail marijuana stores.

Tonight the Everett Planning Commission voted 5-2 to double the number of retail marijuana stores in Everett from five to ten as authorized by the State Liquor and Cannabis Board. They also voted to reduce the separation reuirements between the stores from 2500 feet to 500 feet.

The commissioners also rejected a request by the City of Everett Administration to prohibit new retail marijuana shops within 500 feet of homeless shelters or homeless service facilities, youth service organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs, campfire, etc. that provide youth recreation on site, drug or alcohol abuse treatment facilities, drug or alcohol detox centers, courthouse or jail/detention centers or places that provide social services to clients that abuse drugs or alcohol.

Several commissioners said there was no compelling data that would show marijuana stores were more harmful to such places than alcohol or tobacco.

Several speakers during the public comment period asked the commissioners to not allow additional stores and to add churches to the sensitive land use list. Concerns were expressed about retail marijuana stores hurting Everett’s image and potential economic growth.

Tonight’s vote is advisory to the Everett City Council and it will be up to the council to make a final decision by the first of June. There will be more readings of a proposed ordinance and another public hearing in front of the Everett City Council before any change is made to the current limit of five stores.

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