Music4Life Donates Baby Grand Piano To Everett High

March 26, 2018

Everett Schools

We’ve written about Music4Life before but wanted to pass along their latest donation that will give a boost to the music program at Everett High School.


Kat Taylor (r) with music students from Everett High School. Photo credit: Everett Schools

Sometimes wishes do come true! Such was the case when Music4Life gave music teacher Megan Vinther and her students a just-as-new Kohler & Campbell baby grand piano.

Vinther and Everett High School had long sought a baby grand to replace the one which had simply “aged out” after serving the school well for decades. Music4Life joined the hunt for a replacement. Co-Founder and Music4Life President David Endicott says, “We thought we had one or two possibilities, but those ultimately didn’t work out. Then we got ‘the call.’”

The “call” was from Kat Taylor who lives in Bothell. She asked Music4Life if they accepted pianos. From that point, it was music to all involved.

Not only did Taylor donate per piano, but she also paid to have it moved and to have it tuned once it acclimated to its new home – the lively Everett High band room. She also provided a special dolly for the instrument’s smooth ride from location to location. Those fortunate enough to tickle the piano’s keys will appreciate the adjustable bench Taylor also gifted to the school. The bench adjusts for the shortest or the tallest of future pianists.

The piano and its donor were honored and resoundingly thanked during the band concert at Everett High March 21, which also included Evergreen and North middle schools. “We now have a concert-level quality instrument in the band room, thanks to Kat and her gift of this beautiful piano. This instrument and the support from Music4Life is a benefit to our our band program now and for years to come,” said Vinther.


Demand for gently used musical instruments in Everett has grown over the last few years.

While it is indeed “grand,” the newest instrument for Everett High is just one of almost 40 Music4Life has presented to schools in the district between Dec. 2017 and Feb. 2018. These instruments have a total market value of $27,002 and include one 3/4 string bass, one alto sax, two clarinets, one French horn, three flutes, six electric guitars, two acoustic guitars, one cello, two trumpets, one viola, nine violins, one bass guitar amplifier, one digital piano, one oboe, one snare drum, one percussion set, one keyboard, two amplifiers, and one grand piano.

But that’s not all! Since the beginning of the school year, the instrument donations from Music4Life have a market value of $42,542. If you’d like to donate an instrument or learn more, Check out the Music4Life website.

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