Woman Arrested For Felony Harassment Of Everett Transit Employees

March 7, 2018

Police Blotter


The incident began in the restrooms at Everett Station

Last night Everett Police arrested a woman and booked her into the Snohomish County Jail for Malicious Harassment after she reportedly assaulted and used racial slurs toward two African American security guards at Everett Station.

According to probable cause documents filed by Everett Police to support the arrest the two security guards contacted the 34-year-old woman in the area of the restrooms where she was reportedly changing clothes (which is against transit center policy) and they asked her to leave. She sat down in the main lobby and they again asked her to leave. When one of the guards threatened to call the police to assist with removing her, she allegedly shouted “get away from me you N#$ger F*&^er,” after which time she threw a can of soda, striking one of the guards in the chest. The two guards forcibly took the woman outside by her arms and called police.

While being taken outside the woman reportedly again shouted the N-word at the guards and was swinging at them with closed fists. An Everett Police officer wrote that when he arrived he detained the woman and advised her of her rights and she agreed to talk. Other Everett officers took the story of the two security guards and and also confirmed what happened from independent witnesses. The officer wrote that the woman told him she was not racist and used the N-word out of anger. The officer then arrested her for felony Malicious Harassment and booked her into the Snohomish County Jail. She is expected to make her first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.


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