Everett To Look At Adding More Retail Marijuana Stores Within City Limits

February 19, 2018

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Everett is authorized by the State to have 10 stores within the city limits.


Everett has until June 1st to make a decision on additional marijuana stores within the city limits.

Right now there are five retail marijuana stores within the Everett City limits. Back in December 2015 the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board approved an additional five licenses within the city limits of Everett to bring the total number of stores allowed to ten. In March of 2016 the Everett City Council amended the city’s marijuana ordinance to keep the number of retail marijuana stores at five.

That brings us to the next meeting of the Everett Planning Commission on Tuesday night where they will begin a review of the ordinance. One of the concerns expressed by those opposed to more pot shops is the number of retail marijuana stores within one mile of the south boundary of the Everett city limits. Currently there are half a dozen outlets within that space and another dozen stores within 3 miles. Another concern expressed is crime with each retail marijuana store within the Everett City limits having been burglarized at least once during 2017.

The planning commission will begin the review with any action having to be taken by the Everett City Council before June 1st of this year. Their first discussions are set to take place Tuesday night during their meeting which begins at 6:30 PM in the Everett City Council chambers. You can watch that meeting live on Everett TV or one of the Everett cable TV channels.

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