Early Returns Show Everett And Mukilteo School Measures Passing

February 13, 2018

Everett Schools


Both districts are getting more than 50 percent approval for their measures.

The drop boxes closed at 8 o’clock tonight and we are getting a look at the early returns.

So far results show levy measures in Everett and Mukilteo Schools both passing.

Everett SD Proposition No. 1 – Replacement of Expiring Educational Programs and Operations Levy

Levy Yes = 8976 53.20%
Levy No = 7895 46.80%

Everett SD Proposition No. 2 – Capital Improvement and School Construction General Obligation Bonds – $330,600,000

Approved = 9032 53.42%
Rejected = 7874 46.58%

Mukilteo SD Proposition No. 1 – Replacement of Educational Programs Levy

YES = 5,220 51.96%
NO = 4,826 48.04%

Mukilteo SD Proposition No. 2 – Technology Capital Projects Levy

YES = 5,382 53.59%
NO = 4,660 46.41%

The next ballot update will be Wednesday evening at 5 PM.


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