How Gov’t Shutdown MIGHT Affect Naval Station Everett

January 19, 2018


NSE At this point there appears to be a shutdown of the Federal Government. reached out today and asked Navy Region Northwest what people who interact with Naval Station Everett should know. Here is the information provided. (Note: will update Monday if there is an actual shutdown.)

Detailed information will be provided on Monday morning once we are notified of an actual shut down.

Consistent with DoD guidance, the Navy is preparing for a potential government shutdown. We recognize the anxiety created by the uncertainty of a potential government shutdown. We will continue to keep our Navy personnel and families updated.

Under a government shutdown, the law states only operations and activities that are essential to safety, protection of human life and protection of our national security are authorized. Certain civilian employees necessary to carry out excepted activities will be excepted from the furlough. We have many of these critical missions in the Region.

A government shutdown would place significant hardships on our workforce which has already been strained by recent administrative furloughs. Unlike an administrative furlough which is planned, a shutdown furlough is unplanned and occurs when there is a lapse in appropriations.

If a government shutdown occurs, all Navy personnel (Civilians and Sailors) would still report to work on their next scheduled duty day, beginning at normal hours, where they will receive additional guidance and instruction.
– All our military personnel would be directed to continue in normal duty status.
– All civilian workers who support non-excepted activities would be furloughed and placed in non-pay, non-duty status.

Military and civilian training and travel of employees will be disrupted unless the travel or training was connected to an excepted activity. Those on travel will have to return to their duty station.


Office of Personnel Management (OPM) web site for most up to date information on the furlough status:

For questions on pay impacts during the furlough status, refer to DFAS web site:

Civilian Personnel Management Service web page:

OCHR web page:


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