Gang Members Brandish Guns At Same Time Everett Mayor Announces Directive On Youth, Gang And Gun Violence

January 11, 2018

Police Blotter


Mayor Franklin backed by members f the police department and other city staff tasked with executing six initiatives to reduce youth, gang and gun violence in Everett

Almost as if on cue, at the same time Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin was announcing her first directive as Mayor to reduce gang and youth violence and address firearm crimes, teens believed to have gang ties brandished guns and harassed a family at an apartment in south Everett and then tried to hide from police leading to multiple arrests and a SWAT call-out at an apartment across from a south Everett High School.


Everett Police vehicles were lined up in the 900 block of Casino Road this morning.

It all started a little after eight o’clock this morning when Everett Police were called to a disturbance in the 900 block of Casino Road. Three teens reportedly showed up at an apartment and demanded to talk with someone inside. They were denied entry but two of the teens brandished weapons and made threats before leaving prior to the arrival of Everett Police.


Officers stop and check a van at the Fred Meyer parking lot. It was not involved.

Nearly a dozen Everett Police vehicles responded to the scene and began searching for the three suspects.

At one point a van that had been in the apartment complex at the time the harassment happened was stopped in the Fred Meyer parking lot by more than a half-dozen Everett officers. The driver was quickly released after it was determined he was not involved in the incident.


A suspect sits in the back of a Sheriff’s squad car outside Mariner High.

During that same time detectives who have been assigned to gang emphasis were able to come up with the identities of those involved. Sheriff’s deputies at Mariner High School located one of the suspects at the school and turned him over to Everett Police about an hour after the incident on Casino Road. Forty-five minutes after that Mayor Franklin began her press conference outlining her directive with six initiatives that she says will balance prevention and intervention programs with targeted enforcement.
The six initiatives are:

  • Prevention and Intervention
  • Enforcement
  • Gang Response Community Advisory Group
  • Firearm Safety Campaign
  • Evaluate Juvenile Justice System
  • Explore State and Federal Funding Help

    You can see the complete directive here.


    A teen covers his face as he backs out of the apartment under direction of a SWAT team.


    Another teen is taken into custody from the apartment by the SWAT team.


    A suspect is transferred to a waiting patrol car while officers in the background await the arrival of SWAT to get the others out of an apartment unit.


    A teen in custody at the apartment complex.

    As the Mayor’s news conference was going on another of the suspects involved in the armed harassment on Casino Road was spotted at an apartment complex on 4th Avenue West across from Mariner High.

    That person ran once spotted by police while another with him went into a ground floor apartment. Multiple police responded to the apartment complex.

    Nearby schools went into lockdown as a precaution but the focus of the investigation quickly went to the apartment complex and the particular unit where the one suspect was seen entering.

    During the activity at the apartment two people were arrested by police on outstanding warrants and another two were finally removed from the apartment by members of the regional SWAT team along with the Snohomish County Violent Offender Task Force and Everett Police.

    In all five people were arrested. Three for the incident on Casino Road and two for warrants. The three from the armed harassment were booked into the Denny Youth Center along with one of those on a warrant.

    The other person arrested on warrants was a 19-year-old adult who was booked into the Snohomish County Jail. The two arrested on warrants were not involved in the Casino Road incident.

    As of 6 PM detectives from Everett Police were still serving search warrants at the apartment. No word on what if anything was seized.

    We’ve included some photos of the suspects arrested today but have not shown their faces as four of the five people arrested today are under 18 years of age and have not yet been charged.

    All taken into custody are expected to make an initial court appearance tomorrow.

    In the meantime the clock has now started on Mayor Franklin’s directive.

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