Lots Of Swearing (in) At Everett City Council Meeting Tonight

January 3, 2018

Everett Government


There is a whole new look to leadership in the City of Everett tonight. Click photo to enlarge.

An historic night at the Everett City Council as Everett’s first popularly elected female Mayor and Everett’s first female Africa American City Council member were sworn into office.


Cassie Franklin takes the oath of office in front of an overflowing crowd at the Everett City Council meeting.

While she actually was sworn into office officially on Monday, Cassie Franklin participated in a public ceremony in front of a packed city council chambers.

Franklin then shook hands with all of the council members and took her seat in the Mayor’s position on the dais.

city council

Roberts, Moore and Murphy take their oaths of office.

After that it was time to swear in three city council incumbents who all won re-election in November. Jointly Paul Roberts, Scott Murphy and Jeff Moore were sworn in for another four years. Later in the evening Paul Roberts was unanimously voted Council President – Mayor Pro Tem for 2018.

Prior to the regular city council meeting a special meeting was held where six people were interviewed by the sitting council members to fill the number 4 position on the city council through the November election. During the regular meeting at 6:30 PM each sitting council member submitted a name of one of the six applicants.

Jeff Moore nominated Ethel McNeal
Scott Bader nominated Ethel McNeal
Scott Murphy nominated Tyler Rourke
Paul Roberts nominated Ethel McNeal
Brenda Stonecipher nominated Hillary Pirtle
Judy Tuohy nominated Hillary Pirtle


South Everett resident Ethel McNeal takes the oath of office for Everett City Council position 4.

There was some discussion and another round of votes were cast and Moore, Bader, Roberts, Stonecipher and Tuohy all stayed the same and Murphy switched to McNeal. Roberts then moved that McNeal be selected by unanimous vote. That occurred and McNeal was immediately sworn in and seated taking her place on the city council. She is the first African American woman to serve on the Everett City Council. This is an interim appointment and if she wants to keep the seat will have to run for election this fall.

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