Kids Swarm Swat Team Santas

December 22, 2017

Everett, Police Blotter

SWAT Santa

People began lining up long before the SWAT Team arrived


Kids swarmed the SWAT Bearcat for a close look.

santa swat

SWAT team members unload boxes of backpacks filled with gifts.

santa swat

The line stretched back and around the building

santa swat

A young man picks up a backpack

santa swat

A SWAT commander hands out candy canes to kids in line.


A youngster checks out the view from the top of the Bearcat.


After the backpacks were gone team members posed for pictures.


It was a great last-minute Holiday collaboration between the Region 1 SWAT team and the Boys and Girls Club on Casino Road.

A community building project put together by the Region 1 SWAT team over the last couple of days proved extremely popular Friday afternoon.

Members of the SWAT team have been looking for ways to connect with the community in situations other than emergencies.

Earlier this week they decided that putting together a gift give-away with kids on Casino Road would be a good starting project.

Team members took up a collection and purchased items for kids filling 150 back packs.

Word went out on social media yesterday that the team would be at the Casino Road Boys and Girls Club from three to four PM this afternoon.

Parents and kids began lining up today before 2:30 PM. At 2:45 the SWAT team’s Bearcat arrived carrying team members and all of the backpacks.

A line quickly wrapped around the corner of the Boys and Girls Club and distribution began.

All the while more and more kids and parents arrived.

Things moved quickly and within about 20 minutes all the available back packs had been given out.

People were invited to visit with the team members and explore the Bearcat and have photos taken.

This is the first community building project for the Region 1 SWAT team who promised to do more events throughout the coming year and again next Christmas.

The kids and team members looked to each be having a good time hanging out over a candy cane and a photo even when the backpacks were gone.

A great first project for a team that can be intimidating from a distance but approachable and friendly up close.

Here are a few photos of the gathering this afternoon.

Click photo to enlarge.


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