Injuries And Damage After 3-Alarm Fire In North Everett

December 22, 2017

Everett Fire

apartment fire

The largest damage occurred in the back corner of the building

apartment fire

Flames above the back alley threatened power lines.

apartment fire

A firefighter on Engine 2 uses a deck gun to direct a large stream of water onto the roof.

apartment fire

An Everett firefighter cuts a vent hole in the west end of the attic.

apartment fire

A firefighter gets ready to cut a second vent hole

apartment fire

There were several flare ups as crews pulled down ceiling in order to access the attic from below.

apartment fire

Several upstairs units were gutted.

apartment fire

Firefighters use a “piercing nozzle” to get a stream of water into the attic.

Everett Police officers rescued several people after fire was reported at 10:20 PM in a 14-unit two-story apartment building at 2229 Colby Thursday night.

9-1-1 received multiple calls and as Everett Police officers responded to the area they reported heavy smoke and flames from the second floor of the building. Officers knocked and kicked on doors helping residents to escape. At least one resident jumped from the second story and bystanders helped people get pets and other belongings out.

Officers had to carry one elderly woman out of her apartment. She was brought to an arriving medic unit and CPR was performed. She was transported to Providence Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

One other resident was transported with minor injuries and a couple of Everett Police officers suffered scrapes and cuts while performing rescues of residents. They did not require any treatment.

As fire crews arrived a second-alarm was called. Engine 2 was able to get a large stream of water onto the roof and knock down most of the heavy flame but fire got into the attic and raced across the building. At that point the third-alarm was raised.

The heaviest damage to the apartment building was in the back corner and firefighters spent more than 90 minutes working on hot spots in that area before the declaring the fire out.

The Red Cross was called to help the people from all 14 units in the building. Every unit had some level of fire, smoke or water damage and with the power shut off to the building, all of the residents needed to go to alternate housing. Busses were brought in to keep residents warm.

Investigators from Everett Fire and Police are working the scene currently and at least one fire crew will remain on scene for fire watch.

The investigation is expected to last into Friday afternoon. There is no early word on a cause. Here are some photos. Click on photo to enlarge.


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