Judge Gives “Skilled Articulate Con Artist” Exceptional Sentence Of 14 Years

December 20, 2017

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Devlin told the court if she doesn’t get treatment she knows she has a high degree of re-offending.


Superior Court Judge Michael Downes listens to Devlin before telling her she was a skillful liar and he was skeptical of her motivations in addressing the court.

Saying it was one of the most damaging cases he’s seen in 35 years inside the Snohomish County courthouse, Superior Court Judge Michael Downes this afternoon sentenced 37-year-old Alexia Devlin to 14 years in prison and another 10 in post release supervision for a string of identity thefts. Downes’ sentence was higher than the exceptional sentence of 10 years in prison asked for by deputy prosecutor Teresa Cox or the standard range of three to four years under a Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative sought by Devlin.

“You played these people like a fiddle,” said Downes as he imposed the exceptional sentence. “The standard range is not appropriate. Your skillfulness, thought, effort and sophistication warrant punishment of just desserts.”

“This identity theft investigation was almost 11 months long and police agencies in Everett, Mill Creek, Mukilteo, Lake Stevens, Bellevue, Lynnwood and Seattle also had cases on the same suspects. We served over 14 search warrants and went through over 3.2 million forensic files,” said Detective Jamie French, the lead detective in this case. “In this case, most of the victims’ stolen personal information came from home or apartment rentals. However, it’s important to remember that wallets, phones, and purses should always be kept with you and not left in your vehicle.”

In October Devlin entered a guilty plea to 30 felony charges including identity theft in the first degree, identity theft in the second degree, possession of stolen property and first degree theft. Prosecutor Teresa Cox told the court that there were easily another 100 counts that could have been brought had the case gone to trial. Cox also told the court that while out on bail Devlin used a stolen credit account to pay additional bond to stay on the street.

Two of Devlin’s victims testified. One, a 31-year-old man told the court he gets up at 4 AM to go to work, he pays his bills goes by the rules and now has spent months trying to contain the damage after she stole 11 checks from him. Another told the court that within 24 hours after renting her condo Devlin had stolen her identity, diverted her mail and opened up fraudulent accounts. She had to fight to evict Devlin from the condo and ended up selling it as their neighbors no longer trusted them due to the fraud and theft brought to the building.

In addition to the 14 years in prison Devlin was ordered to pay at least $79,000.00 in restitution along with victim impact fees totaling thousands more. Devlin has 30 days to appeal the exceptional sentence.

“Nowadays, some criminals will do whatever it takes to get your personal information, whether it’s mailboxing, vehicle prowls or renting your home through legitimate online websites,” stated Det. French. She added, “If you allow people into your house, always keep in the mind that they have access to everything, even if you have a secured room or locked safe. Taking a few extra steps could save victims months or years of rebuilding their credit. Remember to check your bank statements regularly and your credit report several times a year.”

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