Everett Presents Mayoral History Project As City Prepares For Newest Mayor

December 9, 2017

Everett Government

The City of Everett and the Everett Public Library have put together a great look at Mayors from Everett’s past. Here’s the first presentation…


Photo courtesy Northwest Room, Everett Public Library

As we prepare for January’s mayoral transition, we are taking a look back at Everett’s history. This month we’ll highlight some of our former mayors and share photos of our past.

Prior to the City’s incorporation in 1893, Everett was governed by the “Committee of 21,” a provisional body that formed to address issues of concern to the growing community—crime, sewage, gambling, prostitution, unregulated saloons—and imposed order. The Committee of 21 governed Everett’s 5,000 citizens from March 21, 1892, until April 1893.

Thomas “Ed” Dwyer was elected to be Everett’s first mayor on April 27, 1893, when residents overwhelmingly voted to incorporate as an official city government. Dwyer, a democrat, narrowly beat his opponent, J.C. Mitchell, a populist, by three votes.

The “Panic of 1893,” a major stock market crash, shook Everett – and the nation – just days after Dwyer took office. The new mayor struggled to lead, as financial institutions and industries collapsed. He did not remain long in Everett after his term ended.

You can check out the video that goes along with this first installment here.

Learn more about all things Everett history through the Everett Public Library, either in person at the Northwest Room, located in the Main Branch, or online at http://bit.ly/2j45opi.


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