Fire At 7601 Evergreen Way Damages 3 Businesses

December 6, 2017

Everett Fire

strip mall fire

The scene from the front of the strip mall at 7601 Evergreen Way. Photo credit Chris Danielson.

strip mall

Two trash cans were burning behind the building

strip mall fire

3 units in the building suffered smoke or water damage.

strip mall fire

One of the newest members of the Everett Fire Department at work.

strip mall fire

The fire burned through electrical connections to at least one business.

A fire behind a strip mall at 7601 Evergreen Way damaged three businesses this morning.

Around 7 AM one of the business owners noticed his power out. He went out back to check and found two dumpsters on fire.

Smoke was rising from the back of the building as Everett Fire crews arrived and a second alarm was briefly called and then cancelled.

Crews were able to quickly get the dumpster fires out but had to spend a fair amount of time removing the flashing from the roof on the back side of the building and making sure the fire did not extend inside the building or into the roof.

Three units in the strip mall suffered smoke and water damage.

Assistant Everett Fire Marshal Steve Goforth tells the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Here are a few photos from the scene.

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