Everett Planning Commission Removes Restrictions On Opiate Substitution Facilities

December 5, 2017

Everett Government

Editor’s Note: We received the following clarification from City of Everett Public Information Director Meghan Pembroke this afternoon: Hi Lee – Hope you’re having a good week. I wanted to provide a clarification to your story on the planning commission vote last night. The commission voted to recommend to the City Council that the city’s zoning regulations be amended to treat an opiate substitution treatment facility the same as any other clinic. The City Council will ultimately be the body that votes on whether or not to make changes to the zoning code; the date for the first reading has not yet been set.


The sign is out but there will still be rules to follow.

Tonight the Everett Planning Commission voted to repeal the definition of “opiate substitution treatment facilities” from the city’s zoning code. Commissioners also removed opiate substitution treatment facility as a use that required specific restrictions as to number allowed and location within the city and also amended the definition of clinic to no longer exclude opiate substitution treatment facilities.

This all came about after receiving a legal opinion that restricting such treatment facilities is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The City of Everett has been considering where to locate another methadone clinic after a request by the operator of the current clinic in south Everett.

The Commissioners did not address specific restrictions in the downtown business district but did note that there are conditional use tools and other measures that can be used in siting all types of clinics. A dozen people spoke both for and against the issue before the commissioners voted.

It would now be up to anyone who wants to build and operate a methadone clinic or other type of opiate substitution treatment facility to file the appropriate permit after first finding a location that would meet their needs.

That can include north, downtown, central or south Everett provided the operator meets all of the specific requirements for the type of clinic they intend to operate.

Click here to read the resolution as passed and the legal argument that the commissioners followed.


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