Everett Can’t Treat Methadone Clinics Different From Other Medical Clinics

November 28, 2017

Everett Government


Under federal law a methadone clinic must be treated like any other medical clinic.

The City of Everett can’t treat opiate treatment substitution treatment clinics offering methadone differently than it does any other type of medical clinic. That’s the upshot after the city considered allowing a methadone clinic to operate somewhere in the downtown Everett business district.

As the Planning Commission considered recommendations on where to allow another methadone clinic in Everett planners asked legal counsel to check into the laws governing facilities that provide services for disabled persons. People recovering from opiate addiction are considered disabled and by federal law they can’t be treated differently than those without a disability.

Other forms of opioid addiction treatment besides methadone clinics, including services provided through counseling, medical clinics and pharmacies have long been permitted in the commercially zoned areas throughout Everett including the downtown business district.

The Planning Commission at its meeting Tuesday Night December 5th will look at amending Everett’s Zoning Code to include treating opioid substitution facilities as any other clinic and lifting the restrictions to a single clinic in Everett relegated to a specific location.

More public testimony will be taken at the Tuesday night meeting set to start at 6:30 PM in the Everett City Council Chambers at 3002 Wetmore.

Here is the Memo from City of Everett Planning Director Allan Giffen outlining the city’s research and recommended action.

Now that more methadone clinics may be allowed in Everett there is still a specific process for siting those based on Washington State law. If someone chooses to apply for such a clinic in Everett here are the rules they would have to follow. Public outreach, land use and operating standards are all factors that have to be considered.


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