Heroic Thanksgiving Day River Rescue By Everett Police And Fire

November 23, 2017

Everett Fire, Police Blotter

river rescue

Firefighters use a ladder truck to scan the river.


Police and Firefighters on Marine 2 check the boat the man had reportedly been on before going into the river.

river rescue

Marine 2 looking along the banks of the Snohomish River.

river rescue

The man was spotted in heavy brush at the river’s edge.

river rescue

Police and firefighters extend themselves to reach the man.

river rescue

An officer holds onto another as they try to pull the man to safety.

river rescue

The crew is having a hard time with the swift running water maneuvering the man into position to be pulled aboard Marine 2.

river rescue

A firefighter wades through the swift water to assist the boat crew.

river rescue

The boat crew then helps the firefighter secure the man.

river rescue

The firefighter prepares to carry the man through the current.

river rescue

The firefighter heads toward the riverbank.

river rescue

The man is carried to the edge of the river where other firefighters are waiting.

river rescue

Crews bring the man up from the riverbank.

river rescue

Firefighters bring the man up to the riverside trail.

river rescue

The man is taken along the riverside trail to a waiting medic unit.

A heroic rescue this morning by Everett Police and Firefighters in the Snohomish River.

It all started about 3:30 AM when a man reportedly wanted for a misdemeanor warrant fled from Everett Police in a small boat between Dagmar’s Landing and Langus Riverfront Park on the Snohomish River.

Officers attempted to locate the man but were unable and returned to regular patrol.

About 6:00 AM an employee from Dagmar’s Landing called 911 and said a man had been stuck on a small boat in the Snohomish River.

He had voice contact with the man who told him he planned to swim to shore. The Dagmar’s employee never saw the man come to shore.

The Snohomish River was running high and extremely fast due to recent rain and runoff and the employee was concerned the man might be in the river.

Everett Firefighters responded to Dagmar’s Landing to begin a search. Everett Police also began searching the area along the banks of the river.

Marine Patrol Officers from Everett Police and the crew from Everett Engine 5 responded to Marine 2 to search from the river.

A ladder truck was used to try and gain a visual over the river from south of Dagmar’s.

As daylight came Marine 2 was able to get a look at the small boat the man reportedly swam from to make it to shore. It was empty.

Using a thermal imaging camera the Marine Patrol located a heat signature and found a man tucked into the bushes about 100 yards south of the boat. The man appeared to be suffering from hypothermia.

The boat operator was able to maneuver Marine 2 close to the area where the man was and police and firefighters extended themselves to reach the man but were unable to get him safely into the boat.

An Everett Firefighter waded into the swift running river and was able to carry the man to others waiting on the riverbank.

The man was carried by firefighters and police to a medic unit and taken to Providence Regional Medical Center where he is expected to recover.

The entire search and rescue operation lasted about two hours.

Kudos to the Everett Police and Firefighters who thoroughly searched on both land and on the water using a multitude of tools and means to locate the man.

They then put themselves in a dangerous swift water situation to complete the rescue.

Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos of the rescue. Click photo to enlarge. (Note: may not be reproduced without written consent)


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