Everett Asking Cooks To Keep The Fat Out Of The Drain And Fire Out Of The Kitchen

November 21, 2017

Everett Government


A reminder from Everett Public Works.

While most restaurants have a grease trap or other such system to keep excess grease out of the pipes that’s not the case in the majority of homes. With so many people cooking a big meal this week Everett Public Works has put out a plea to put the grease in the trash and not down the drain. Here’s more from the city…

Everything that goes down your sinks and toilets goes into the City’s wastewater system. Things that clog your home drain can clog the City’s wastewater system, too.

This system is designed to handle human waste and toilet tissue, which are biodegradable (or will break down biologically). Problems start when non-biodegradable materials enter the system. Two of the most common and troublesome non-biodegradable materials are grease and hair.

Slow-moving drains are usually the result of a plumbing problem inside your home. Try a couple of less-toxic home remedies before you run for the more caustic commercial drain cleaners.

Baking Soda & Vinegar
When mixed together, baking soda and vinegar make a forceful gas. Put the baking soda in the drain first then pour the vinegar in. Plug the drain and all overflow drains so the gas has nowhere to go but down.

Boiling Water
Try pouring a kettle of boiling water directly down the drain to loosen grease and dirt.

Wire Coat Hanger
You can sometimes get far enough down a bathtub drain to pull out snarls of hair using a straightened wire coat hanger.

Preventive Maintenance
Here are some simple things you can do to prevent clogs in your household plumbing and the City’s wastewater system.

In the Bathroom
Use the wastebasket to dispose of hair, cotton swabs, plastics, cigarette butts, personal products, and other trash. Use a screen on all your drains to prevent hair and other debris from going into the drain. Regularly remove any hair that collects in your bathtub or shower drain.

In the Kitchen
Wipe grease from pots, pans, and dishes with a paper towel. Collect larger amounts of spent grease in a can and dispose of it in the garbage.

Contact Us
If you feel the City sewer system is not working correctly, please email us or call 425-257-8800.

If it is an after-hours emergency, call 425-257-8821.

Who’s Responsible
Any obstructions or clogs that exist in the sewer line between your business or residence and the sewer main in the street or alley are the responsibility of the property owner.

The Everett Fire Department also has a reminder for you this Thanksgiving…


Thanksgiving is the number one day for kitchen fires.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the number one day of the year for home cooking fires? 

Many of these fires are the result of unattended cooking, and a number of these fires involve turkey fryers. This year, the State Fire Marshal’s Office is advising that residents plan ahead to ensure a safe, fun and food-filled holiday.

Keep your holiday dinner delicious by practicing safe habits while in the kitchen with these fire safety tips:

Kitchen Caution

·         Never leave the stove unattended. If you leave the kitchen, turn the burner or oven off.

·         Keep your cooking area clear of anything that can burn.

·         Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove.

·         Keep a pan lid or baking sheet nearby to cover a pan fire.

·         Wear short sleeves or roll sleeves up.

·         Keep an ABC rated fire extinguisher in an accessible location.

Turkey Fryer Caution

  • Choose a fryer with thermostat controls to prevent oil from overheating.
  • Before operating a turkey fryer, always read and follow the instruction manual.
  • Thaw your turkey completely—ice will cause hot oil to splatter.
  • Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the fryer.

To learn more about kitchen caution and how to prevent home fires, visit the State Fire Marshal’s website and Twitter feed.


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