Wanna Be The Next Member Of Everett City Council?

November 20, 2017

Everett Government


Do you want to become the next appointed member of the Everett City Council?

As Cassie Franklin transitions into the position of Everett’s Mayor the process will soon begin to fill her city council seat.

If interested, now is the time to polish up that resume and get ready to show why you should fill the seat. For those who think they are qualified but don’t want to launch a city-wide campaign this is a great opportunity to get onto the city council by convincing four members you are the right person for the job as opposed to trying to get votes from across the city. Here’s the formal process laid out in the City of Everett Charter…

In the event of a vacancy in the office of Mayor or Council member, the Council by majority vote shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy until the next regular municipal or general election. If, after thirty days have passed since the occurrence of a vacancy, and the Council has been unable to agree upon a person to be appointed to fill the vacancy, the Mayor or in his or her absence, the mayor pro tempore, may make the appointment from among the persons nominated by members of the Council.

In simpler terms the Everett City Council will soon accept applications from residents interested in the interim position. The council may adjust the way it accepts applications and interviews applicants but here is the method used when they sought applicants for an open position in 2013.

First, Applicants must be at least 18 years old, a resident of the city with at least one-year residency and registered to vote.

Following the application period, council members will review the applications independently. At a council meeting, all applicants who submitted their materials by the deadline will be given five minutes to introduce themselves and provide a brief statement describing their interest in the position. If there are more than six applicants, council will nominate their top two choices to move forward in the process, with a maximum of six candidates moving forward.

Council members will interview the candidates at a special meeting prior to the regular council meeting on a select date. Citizens are invited to attend this open public meeting in the council chambers located at 3002 Wetmore Avenue. During the regular meeting citizens will be provided three minutes to speak to the qualifications of their preferred candidate.

Following council deliberation, the council president will ask each member to submit, in writing, the name of their preferred candidate. If there are more than two nominees, council will vote to identify the top two candidates. Council will then vote on the appointee to fill the interim position until the next general election. The successful candidate will be sworn in at the beginning of the next council meeting.

Again there may be some slight tweaks to this process but now would be the time to get ready if you would like to be considered for appointment to the Everett City Council. Oh, you will have to run for election in November 2018 in order keep the seat.


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