County To Treat Opioid Epidemic As A Disaster

November 20, 2017

Everett Government



The same resources used to a respond to a natural disaster will be employed in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

Today the Snohomish County Executive, Sheriff and Director of Snohomish Health District all spoke out about combining and coordinating efforts to get ahead of problems caused by opioid addiction in Snohomish County using methods most commonly employed in natural disasters..

Together they have formed something called the Opioid Response Multi-Agency Coordination Group or MAC Group.

Short of declaring an emergency, the Executive has authorized activation of the Snohomish County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan and a partial activation of the Snohomish County Emergency Coordination Center. Usually it is only activated for floods and natural disasters.

There will be involvement from Public Works and Engineering, Fire Agency response, Emergency Management, Human Services, Housing, Public Health and external communications operating a joint information center to share information with the public about the efforts.

Executive Somers says all of the Mayors of Snohomish County are being invited to participate and the hope is by using the Emergency Management Plan they can speed coordination of resources that the cities can bring to the effort.

A special website, SNOHOMISH OVERDOSE PREVENTION has been developed as a one-stop for resources that people can turn to whether trying to understand the problem, prevent addiction or save a life.

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