Convicted Crook Facing 15 New Accusations After Wild Morning In Everett And Lynnwood

November 10, 2017

Everett, Police Blotter


The man hit this Everett Police car in the parking lot of Pep Boys.


The man drove his truck through the trees, taking out a guy wire for a power pole as he got onto 4th Ave. W.


The man drove his truck into the front of a WSP SUV who was trying to block him in.


The man was taken into custody south of the Alderwood Mall

A convicted crook is facing more than a dozen new accusations and is being held in the Snohomish County Jail on more than $40,000.00 bail after smashing into both an Everett Police cruiser and a State Patrol SUV early this A.M. after a burglary attempt.

It began when shortly before three A.M. the man went to his ex-wife’s condo in south Everett, reportedly smashed out a window and tried kicking in the front door. He then ran from the condo to his truck which was parked in the Pep Boys parking lot.

Two Everett Police officers tried to confront the man and he backed his truck into one of their patrol cars and drove through a hedge snapping off a guy wire to a power pole and headed off on 4th Ave. W. The officer was not in his car and was not hurt.

A few minutes later a Washington State Patrol trooper spotted a truck on I-5 southbound at about 80 miles and hour. The trooper checked and found it was the truck that had just hit the Everett Police cruiser. He followed it off I-5 at 164th and tried to stop the truck which began running from him.

The trooper chased the truck down 164th to Alderwood Mall Parkway. While turning a corner the truck spun out in front of Shane Jewelers near the Alderwood Mall.

The trooper pulled his SUV to block the truck and the driver accelerated and drove into the front of the trooper’s SUV. He then got out and began running south. The trooper gave chase on foot.

Other troopers and officers from Lynnwood PD joined in the hunt for the man who by then had jumped a construction fence and was trying to start a backhoe. A K-9 convinced the man to surrender to the numerous officers surrounding the construction site.

The man was arrested, taken to Swedish Hospital for an evaluation and then booked into the Snohomish County Jail on 15 crimes. No officers were hurt during the chase.

The man is expected to make his first court appearance before a district court judge on Saturday.


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