Sponsored Post: 7-Year-Old Student Is Already An Author

October 30, 2017

Everett Schools

The following is a sponsored post from K12 Schools and Washington Virtual Academy.


Ethan Danilet. Photo courtesy K12 Washington

Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA) student Ethan Danilet is already in the works of publishing his first book entitled, The Eagle and the Fish – at the ripe old age of 7. Within his first year at WAVA, Ethan’s natural creative spark has come to life as the freedom of an online environment have provided him the opportunity to develop his own narrative.

Ethan, who starts second grade this month, has honed his storytelling abilities through the unique structure, tools, and pressure-free atmosphere of the WAVA curriculum.

“He’s able to stay in the comfort of his own home, which has allowed growth in his creativity and imagination as he learns,” said his mother, Magdalene Danilet.

Ethan originally joined the K12 program last school year because Magdalene was working full-time and felt as though she was missing out on special moments with her son. Overall, the transition from a traditional learning setting to an online curriculum was surprisingly easy. As Magdalene stated, the process “happened quickly and it’s been seamless.”

Thanks to WAVA, Ethan has excelled in his academics along with the design of his book. By using online games, class connects, magnetic phonics, and interactive learning tools like flash cards, Ethan was able to determine the learning style that works best for him. In fact, through the K12 program, Ethan has read several books – which in turn inspired him to create his own.

The Eagle and the Fish focuses on the story of an eagle in its natural habitat of the Rocky Mountains and the fish in its home, the Missouri River. While developing the book, Ethan shared his ideas while Magdalene worked as the scribe. Occasionally, Magdalene asked Ethan questions to keep the story moving. As she mentioned, “My job as his parent is to help him when his imagination runs wild.”


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