Chimney Fire On Rucker Slows Saturday Afternoon Traffic

October 21, 2017

Everett Fire

chimney fire

It’s hard to see but there are flames coming out of the top of the chimney.

chimney fire

Pressurized water is brought up after dry-chem failed to stop the fire.

chimney fire

Steam rises as the water is applied.

chimney fire

A firefighter checks the interior of the chimney.

chimney fire

Firefighters wait to see if things have cooled down.

chimney fire

Crews prepare to leave the roof.

A stubborn chimney fire slowed traffic on Rucker Avenue Saturday afternoon.

Flames were reported coming from the top of a chimney at a house in the 3400 block of Rucker shortly after 4:30 PM.

The first arriving fire crew tried to extinguish the fire through the top of the chimney with dry chemical powder but that was unsuccessful.

A full alarm was called and Rucker was brought down to just one lane in each direction while firefighters laddered the roof and used pressurized water to put out the fire.

Rucker remained slow for about an hour and a half while a ladder and engine stood by in case of flare ups.

The fire was contained to the chimney and the people who were living in the house were allowed to stay.

This is the time of year for chimney fires and it is a good practice to have your chimney cleaned and inspected before firing it up for the winter.

Here are some photos from this afternoon’s fire call.

Click photo to enlarge.


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