FUNKO Plans To Go Public

October 6, 2017

Everett Economy


Soon Funko fans can become shareholders.

Now instead of owning a piece from FUNKO you can soon own a piece of FUNKO.

Today the Everett-based pop culture consumer products company announced plans to sell stock on the NASDAQ exchange as “FNKO”.

Earlier this year the company moved their world headquarters to downtown Everett inside the former Bon Marche building at the corner of Wetmore and California.

So what exactly is FUNKO? Here’s an explanation of how they view themselves from their prospectus…

Funko: At the Nexus of Pop Culture
We are a leading pop culture consumer products company. Our business is built on the principle that almost everyone is a fan of something and the evolution of pop culture is leading to increasing opportunities for fan loyalty.

We create whimsical, fun and unique products that enable fans to express their affinity for their favorite “something”—whether it is a movie, TV show, video game, musician or sports team. We infuse our distinct designs and aesthetic sensibility into one of the industry’s largest portfolios of licensed content over a wide variety of product categories, including figures, plush, accessories, apparel and homewares.

With our unique style, expertise in pop culture, broad product distribution and highly accessible price points, we have developed a passionate following for our products that has underpinned our growth. We believe we sit at the nexus of pop culture—content providers value us for our broad network of retail customers, retailers value us for our broad portfolio of licensed pop culture products and pop culture insights, and consumers value us for our distinct, stylized products and the content they represent.

We believe our innovative product design and market positioning have disrupted the licensed product markets and helped to define today’s pop culture products category.


The FUNKO cycle from their prospectus.

Pop culture pervades modern life and almost everyone is a fan of something. In the past, pop culture fandom was often associated with stereotypical images of fans from narrow demographics, such as Star Trek fans attending conventions to speak Klingon to each other or friends getting together to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Today, more quality content is available and technology innovation has made content accessible anytime, anywhere. As a result, the breadth and depth of pop culture fandom resembles, and in many cases exceeds, the type of fandom previously associated only with sports. Everyday interactions at home, work or with friends are increasingly influenced by pop culture.
You may have experienced pop culture through:

• gathering with friends at the office to talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones…or hiding from them because you haven’t watched it yet;

• waiting in line for the midnight showing of the latest Star Wars movie release;

• binge watching an entire season of Stranger Things on Netflix with your family;

• experiencing Coachella via social media;

• watching Bugs Bunny with your children on Saturday morning;

• debating with your friends whether the Hunger Games books or movies are better;

• attending a Frozen-themed birthday party; or

• wearing your favorite quarterback’s jersey.

We have invested strategically in our relationships with key constituents in pop culture. Content providers value us for our broad network of retail customers and retailers value us for our broad portfolio of licensed pop culture products, pop culture insights and ability to drive consumer traffic. Consumers, who value us for our distinct, stylized products, remain at the center of everything we do.

You can learn more about the FUNKO stock offering here in their filing announcement.

No initial price or date has been set.

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