Sad Details Emerging In Shooting Of 14-Year-Old By 13-Year-Old

October 5, 2017

Police Blotter

This morning Superior Court Juvenile Division Judge Marybeth Dingledy found there was probable cause to hold a 13-year-old boy on suspicion of second degree murder with $100,000.00 cash bail in yesterday afternoon’s shooting of a 14-year-old boy on a path at the rear of Walden Pond Apartments.


The area where the shooting happened.

According to probable cause papers filed with the court by Everett Police the 13-year-old was a run-away who had been camping with another run-away. That person had seen the suspect with the gun earlier in the day. The suspect and victim reportedly got into an altercation an hour prior to the shooting at a nearby school. The two came across each other again behind the Walden Pond Apartments and according to the probable cause paperwork the victim and a friend were taunting the suspect using “gang related verbiage” and the suspect pulled the gun from his waistband and shot the victim one time in the chest. The suspect reportedly told detectives he had never fired a gun before and had borrowed the gun from a 12-year-old friend. After being arrested last night he took detectives to where he had hidden the gun after the shooting.

During this morning’s probable cause hearing the judge was told the 13-year-old’s mother passed away a couple of years ago and his father had abandoned him. He had been living with a grandparent but she was unable to control him and called his older brother to take him. The brother took the 13-year-old but that lasted only about 8 hours before he ran away. The judge was told the 13-year-old may have some cognitive development issues.

Mukilteo School students at both Mariner and Explorer were told about the incident this morning and letters are going home to the parents at both schools today. The letters encourage students who need support to contact their counselor and also provide contact information to other community resources that might be helpful.

Everett Police are still looking into where the 12-year-old obtained the gun and other aspects of the 13-year-old’s story. Prosecutors have until October 9th to file formal charges.


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