Everett Man Stops Ride To Pick Up Debris, Woman Steals His Bike

September 29, 2017

Everett, Police Blotter

stolen bike

The bike is motorized and was last seen in Lowell.

On Sunday, a dedicated bike rider stopped at 41st street and S. 3rd Avenue at the entrance to Lowell. He saw debris on the sidewalk and stopped to clear it as he often does when riding around Everett. He noted there was a woman nearby wearing a lime green jacket who looked to be picking up trash from the street. He was about 10 feet from his bike but had his back turned. After moving the debris which took about a minute or so, he turned around to continue his journey and saw the woman riding away on his bike. She was a block and a half away so he wasn’t able to catch her.

He immediately called 911 and an Everett Police Officer was in the neighborhood and quickly arrived. While they both did a search of the neighborhood the woman disappeared into some woods and neither she or the bike has been seen since. The monetary value of the bike and accessories is about $2000 which makes immediate replacement out of our reach for the owner. However, the value to the owner is much greater. He’s ridden that bike on most every street in Everett. The bike does have a motor on the back wheel and is fairly recognizable. If you see it you are asked to call the Everett Police Tip Line at 425-257-8450 or you can contact the Lowell Civic Association and they can contact the owner.

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