Free Seminar In Everett On Communicating With 12 – 14 Year Olds

September 19, 2017

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You must pre-register for the seminar. Call Melissa Hinwood at 425-314-4561

If you have kids age 12 – 14 in your home you know that communication can be a big challenge.

For the next two Saturdays Cocoon House is offering a free parenting seminar to help parents better communicate with their kids. Here’s more information.

It’s the beginning of the school year for many families and the perfect opportunity to start off on the right foot!

Do you miss spending time with your teen and just don’t know how to connect with them in a fun way? Whether you have a teen that doesn’t like to talk or does talk, but is talking back…we welcome you to join us in an interactive seminar that will not disappoint.

We are offering a one day seminar in cooperation with Dr. Regent Brown.

You can select one of the following seminars:

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
Saturday, Septmeber 30th, 2017

Each seminar is from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Come join us in learning about shifting from conflict to community building!

Pre-registration is required, please contact Melissa to register!


Melissa Hinwood

(425) 314 – 4561

This seminar was created because we saw the need in early intervention with families and their youth in regards to communication.

Many parents often find themselves overwhelmed with their youth, and their youth often feel that way themselves.Growing up in a world that’s always changing can be stressful on a family and we are here to provide support to navigate that as a family.

You are the expert on your family. We are here “to offer you more tools to add to your toolbox.”

We currently have a program called WayOUT that serves youth and their families working with the Snohomish Juvenile Justice Center and many parents have expressed the need for this at a much younger age. WayOUT is constantly at capacity and Restorative Justice Circles is a way to serve families who are not able to attend WayOUT.

This is also perfect for families who have participated in our WayOUT program as a continuing support class.

Although the targeted age group is 12-14 year old youth and their families, it is not exclusive to that age range!

We are hoping to see you there!


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