Sponsored Post – Washington Virtual Academy Gives Family Time For Theatre

August 15, 2017

Everett Schools

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By Savannah Norton


The Lacy family. Photo credit K12 in Washington

Washington Virtual Academy (WAVA) fifth grader Kariya Lacy and her second grade sister Seyler starred in a local production of The Sound of Music. Kariya played Louisa, Seyler played Brigita, and their preschool-aged sister Adney even played Gretel!

Kariya and Seyler say they would not have been able to participate if it weren’t for the flexibility of their online school schedule and the support of their WAVA teachers.

“The production was hard work, as the script was almost word-for-word the same as the movie, so the girls had lots of lines and were in almost every single scene,” said their mother, Rachel Lacy. “They had five songs and eight costume changes. It was an incredible experience!”

Rachel has a degree in elementary education and homeschooled Kariya for kindergarten before enrolling her at WAVA.

“I had a toddler and a newborn at the time, and I didn’t have time to come up with fun, creative ways to present the material,” Rachel said. “I was researching homeschool options for a friend when I discovered that WAVA was a K12 program.”

Rachel and her husband appreciate WAVA so much, they will be enrolling their two youngest daughters when they are ready to start school, as well.

“I absolutely love WAVA,” Rachel said. “It is truly the best of both worlds. My girls are getting a high-quality education with the flexibility and personal attention of homeschool.”

Being home together as a family allows the Lacys to stay connected.

“I love the time together that this format offers our family. We are freed up for evening activities like dance and soccer,” Rachel said. “I love that I know exactly what my girls are being taught. I love that this time-tested curriculum is presented in a fun and engaging way. The computer games, ‘reading rooms,’ and material all work together to keep my kids engaged and learning. We have worked with five different teachers at WAVA and each and every one has been amazing! I love how invested they are in my girls even though they don’t see them in person every day.”

Look out for the Lacy family in future plays at their church and in local theater this summer and beyond!


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