New Sign Going Up In Everett


A small part of a very big new mural in front of Lowell Elementary


Nicomedes Gomez works on detail of Leopards.

He’s been working on the mural for six days so far.


It’s a really big wall.


Nicomedes is mostly self taught but has worked with mentors and taken a class at Everett Community College.


Lowell Elementary PTA President Aleas Aeschleman drops off lunch for Mr. Gomez on Friday afternoon.

On Wednesday we broke all readership records with our story on the sign in front of Z-Sport at 40th and Broadway.

Today we received word of another sign going up in Everett. This actually is more of a mural.

For the last six days Nicomedes Gomez has been transforming an ugly concrete wall at the entrance to Lowell Elementary School into a beautiful mural featuring the school mascot which is a Leopard.

Born in Guatemela but raised in Belize, Gomez and his wife now live in Everett.

One day last winter the daughter of the Lowell Elementary PTA president was on a play date with Gomez’ daughter at their house.

When the PTA President saw some of his paintings she asked if he could do a mural. This began a six month discussion about the project which is now underway.

Part commission, but mostly volunteer work, Gomez told he expects it will take another five days to finish the mural.

“This is my passion,” said Gomez. “I’d love to paint murals full time all over Everett.”

You can see more of his work or contact him here on his Facebook page.

Here are a few photos of the work thus far.

Click on the photos to enlarge.


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