City Of Everett Response To RiverJunky Moving Clean Up

July 7, 2017

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This littered campsite is one of many along the Lowell Snohomish River Road in Everett.

Yesterday we reported on a planned cleanup of the Snohomish River tomorrow starting at Rotary Park and moving along the Lowell-Snohomish River Road shoreline.

The cleanup was cancelled and RiverJunky who has held many river cleanups and was the sponsor of this event explained why. We posted that information and asked the City of Everett for comment.

The regular City of Everett spokesperson is on vacation but did receive the following response from Sarah Reyes in the communications department…

“The City would like to provide clarification on some of the statements provided in the My Everett News article regarding the RiverJunky cleanup.

Everett Parks received a special use permit request on June 28 for RiverJunky to utilize Rotary Park as a “base camp.” While the normal process requires 30 days, the Parks accommodated the group and provided approval within four business days.

Everett Police attempted to find the encampments noted on RiverJunky’s maps, but were unable. After clarification of the area, officers located the encampments, on private Marshland Flood Control land, and advised RiverJunky on how to contact the company for permission to enter. Other camps noted have been located in unincorporated Snohomish County, and outside the jurisdiction of the Everett Police Department.

The City requires volunteer events at City facilities to provide additional insurance unique to that event, which is part of the standard protocol. In the past, listing the City as an additional insured has not been cost prohibitive for those requesting use of City parks. As a government organization, we do have policies that we must follow for any event.

Consistent with the Safe Streets Initiative, the City of Everett continues working with community partners for the betterment of the whole community. As such, a number of City entities, including Public Works, Safe Streets, Everett Police and the Community Outreach and Enforcement Team (COET), work with each other to find solutions to street-level social issues in our community.

As the City wants the best quality of life for all of its citizens, we are always open, and continue to be open, to working with community partners that have that same goal in mind.”

So there you have both sides of this particular issue. More and more citizens in Everett are holding their own clean ups, adopting alleys and doing things they think are in the best interest of Everett. will continue to watch how things progress.

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